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Regardless of your company size, CosmeFITS offers services tailored to your needs.

Whether you have a specific skillset requirement or you are looking to ease a temporary or prolonged workload, CosmeFITS is here to provide the support you need, precisely when you need it. Highly adaptable and flexible, our services aim to help French industries remain competitive in their market segment by addressing their specific configurations and goals, with the advantage of agile cash flow management and handling activity peaks.

Our broad spectrum of competencies covers the entire process, from conception to launch, including production. We prioritize innovation, sustainability, and compliance with regulatory requirements and environmental concerns to ensure the success of your product.

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Master your scope

This stage is crucial to help you understand market trends, consumer demand, and existing competition to delineate product development.

  • Presentation of new market trends and evolving consumer habits

  • Study of the target market and your positioning within it

  • Identification and highlighting of the project's competitive advantage

  • Analysis of the marketing strategy to adopt

  • Revision or complete writing of the Marketing Brief

Market research and competitive analysis

Turn your idea into a project

At this stage, a macro analysis of the project is crucial before delving into the actual product development. Our expertise will guide you effectively from the beginning.

  • Study of technical and economic feasibility based on the Marketing Brief

  • Writing the technical specifications for internal teams and subcontractors

  • Launching of calls for tenders and analysis of proposals

  • Setting up and leading the project team (internal services and providers)

  • Construction of a retro-planning with key milestones

  • Estimation of the Industrial Cost Price

Guidance in Conceptualisation

Dive into the heart of the product

Whether it's skincare, makeup, hygiene, hair care, sun care, or fragrance, whatever the formulation, we can assist you. The formula can be based on a turnkey white-label sourcing or a tailor-made formulation according to your specifications and objectives. Whether you desire a natural, vegan, certified organic formula, or prefer a cold manufacturing process, CosmeFITS ensures support in all these configurations.

  • Sourcing and selection of raw materials and active ingredients

  • Sourcing and evaluation of fragrance compositions

  • Evaluation of various formulation trials

  • Checking the formula in the target packaging

  • Validation of the principle formula based on expected sensory properties

Formula development

Ensure the safety and the efficacy of your products

Beyond a pleasant texture and perfectly successful organoleptic characteristics, a cosmetic product must meet regulatory constraints and justify them through R&D tests. Firstly, it must be perfectly stable over time and during the entire period of use by the consumer. It must also prove its safety and efficacy in terms of the claimed benefits and performance. CosmeFITS will guide you through all the necessary tests to rigorously comply with current regulations.

  • Implementation and monitoring of stability and compatibility testing plans

  • Management of microbiological tests, safety and tolerance tests, toxicological evaluation

  • Management of efficacy and performance tests

  • Coordination of consumer panels

Safety and efficacy testing

Shape your brand image

Packaging, much more than a container or a wrapping, undoubtedly embodies your ethical values and commitment to eco-responsibility while reflecting your brand identity. Our expertise will guide you through all the technical and aesthetic aspects of your packaging items. In sourcing, we can offer you the most innovative packaging from our partners at preferential rates. In specific development for custom packaging, CosmeFITS will be able to manage the development from its conception to its approval, taking into account aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability.

  • Sourcing of innovative packaging in line with the concept and formula

  • Packaging design from mold development to approval, including pilot validation

  • Proposal for harmonising packaging across the product portfolio

  • Value analysis of the packaging portfolio to optimise expected costs, logistics, and environmental impact

Packaging development

Polish your visual identity

From the design of decors to operational realization to the validation of first prints on-site, CosmeFITS takes care of it all. As subtle as they are sophisticated, decors and prints can sometimes be tricky to execute, with a significant gap between on-screen creation and industrial reality with its constraints specific to different techniques used. Leveraging our expertise, we'll be delighted to take on new challenges with you and bring your creations to life.

  • Definition of your graphic charter and choice of shades/textures

  • Definition and validation of the decorable surface and other dimensions

  • Construction of an artwork according to technical printing constraints

  • Proposal of different creative and artistic alternatives in line with the brand spirit

  • Budget estimation for decor development

  • Graphic chain management from Artwork to Color Proof approval on site

  • Color triptychs defintion

  • Assembly and validation of prototypes for internal and external tests

  • Analysis of the value of decors for harmonisation or cost reduction

Graphic design

Project yourself to visualize better

If you need to test your market, perform first production runs with real or almost real products, or present your next launch in advance at prospect events, we can help you manage the realisation of a pilot production or realistic models to meet this need.

  • Cost estimation of the operation

  • Coordination of pilot production of the product (including the supply of various components)

  • Management of prototype assembly

  • Validation and provision of supplies

Pilot series & prototype

Move from prototype to finished goods

Scaling up from the bench to industrial manufacturing is not without challenges if rigor and methods are not in place. We will help you address the challenges you face on-site through an audit and support throughout the process. We can also propose serious industrial partners to handle this part, both in France and abroad, according to your requirements.

  • Identification of partners for manufacturing and/or conditioning

  • Organisation and coordination of first industrial trials

  • Validation of the first production runs

  • Audit and implementation of an action plan if there are issues in packaging, labeling, etc.

  • Setting up defect kits and tolerance ranges for self-checking and release inspection

Production & conditioning

Ensure the quality and safety of your products

Despite the various checks carried out during manufacture, a quality approach remains essential to guarantee that your products comply with standards and specifications throughout their life cycle. By entrusting CosmeFITS with the management of this essential stage of your project, you can concentrate with complete peace of mind on your communication strategy and the launch of your product, knowing that it is ready to conquer the market.

  • Implementation of quality control procedures in the event of non-compliance (sampling plan, control parameters, etc.)

  • Definition and management of corrective actions to ensure compliance

  • Implementation of a self-monitoring plan to monitor quality throughout the product life cycle

  • Managing tests with approved bodies

  • Drafting technical responses to consumer complaints

Quality control & Quality assurance

Ensure compliance with international and local standards

Standards and regulations in the cosmetics industry are constantly evolving. What was once a bureaucratic formality is now a fundamental element for companies, whether they operate locally or internationally. Our expertise in cosmetics regulatory affairs ensures that your products are compliant, that consumers are safe and that your reputation is preserved, while integrating environmental considerations.

  • Checking and adapting labelling information (claims, composition, compulsory information, etc.)

  • Updating or complete compilation of product information files (PIF)

  • Targeted regulatory monitoring

  • Assistance with notification on the European CPNP portal (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal)

  • Preparation of export registration files

  • Review of documents intended for the public (communication media, website, packaging, etc.)


Develop strategies for a successful product launch

In the highly competitive cosmetics sector, the way you present your brand and your products is crucial to your success. A well-orchestrated launch strategy is the key to success. With CosmeFITS, you can bring your vision to market with personalised support to help you stand out from the crowd in this highly competitive sector.

  • Optimising pricing and market positioning

  • Drafting the product sheet

  • Building the product sales pitch

  • Drawing up the promotional marketing plan

  • Management of communication media (POS, catalogue, website, video, etc.)

  • Management of product promotion operations and events

  • Optimisation of communication channels

  • Newsletter service

Marketing & Communication

Delegate the management of your projects

Let us take the lead on your strategic projects. CosmeFITS will coordinate the entire development process on your behalf, reporting to you transparently at every stage of progress. As the orchestra conductor, we implement the necessary and useful resources to achieve the objectives you have set yourself in terms of deadlines, budgets, quantity and quality.

  • Running project meetings

  • Drafting and distributing minutes with actions to be carried out

  • Monitoring and updating the retro planning

  • Resolving project-related problems and deviations

  • Managing development budgets (formulas and tests, packaging, marketing communications, etc.)

  • Launching calls for tender

  • Analysing bids and negotiating price

Project management

Additional Services


We can discuss your issue to help you assess the situation, find a solution, and provide our expertise. Contact us to schedule a phone or video conference consultation.

Expanding into new markets or promoting cosmetic products often requires in-depth expertise and local presence. CosmeFITS helps you efficiently achieve these goals. We can act as technical and commercial representatives for your product lines in the French or international market.

Technical and Commercial Representation of Your Products
Assistance with Production Relocation

Relocating production is a crucial strategic step for many cosmetic companies. Whether you want to bring your current production to a new region or country or you are considering reorganising your operations, our team supports you in this complex process.

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